Surf Excel Stain Eraser Detergent Bar 250 gm, Pouch

Surf Excel
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Surf Excel Stain Eraser Detergent is a remarkable product that delivers exceptional stain-fighting capabilities while maintaining the integrity of your fabrics. With its cutting-edge formula, this detergent has quickly become a favorite among consumers seeking reliable and effective stain removal. Its professional-grade performance ensures that even the toughest stains are lifted, leaving your clothes looking fresh and clean. Whether dealing with everyday spills or set-in stains, this detergent goes above and beyond to deliver impressive results without compromising the quality of your garments. Surf Excel Stain Eraser Detergent is a testament to the evolution of laundry care, offering a powerful solution that meets the demands of modern lifestyles.

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Brand Surf Excel
Features and Benifits
  • Your personal 'Stain Eraser' : Removes tough stains with ease.
  • Surf Excel Bar combines the cleaning benefits similar to that of vinegar, blue, bleach, and lemon.
  • Removes tough stains such as tea, coffee, turmeric, curry, ketchup and chocolate wit just one product
  • Gentle on both your clothes and your hand
  • Makes your laundry easy
Instructions Apply directly on wet cloth, scrub & rinse
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