Allout Ultra Power+ Slider Combi Machine+Liquid Refill

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All Out 5-in-1 ultra-double power contains 1 Heater and 1 Liquid refill. It provides effective protection against mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, chikungunya and dengue.

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Brand All Out
Features and Benifits With its 5-in-1 action, this heater kills hidden mosquitoes as well as dengue mosquitoes and offers you complete protection. It also has a mild fragrance.
Ingredients transflutrin 0.88% (w/w) liquid vaporizer (household insecticide) all out ultra refill chemical composition: transflutrin 0.88% (w/w), butylated hydroxy toluene 1.0%(w/w) (bht), perfume 1.0% (w/w), deodorized kerosene 97.12% (w/w), total: 100% (w/w).
Instructions 1. Adjust the heater plug to fit the jack's direction, ensure liquid bottle keeps upright. Connect to power (110v- 240v depending on voltage); indicator light should come on once connected. 2. Adjust the 'powerslider' according to numbers of mosquitoes. 3. means regular repellent release. 4. + means maximum repellent release. 5. Unplug the heater after use, no need to separate liquid refill from heater. 6. Keep the liquid bottle upright7. When the refill is used up, unplug the heater before changing the refill refill change instructions1. Open the cover of the liquid refill. Avoid touching wick2. Insert refill into heater and screw in firmly3. Do not lay the heater on its side4. Use in ventilated places5. To stop the heater from working, just unplug it.
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