Dhara Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1ltr Pouch Pack

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Dhara Kachhi Ghani Mustard Oil, a cooking essential that adds a distinctive flavour and aroma to your culinary creations. This mustard oil is extracted using the traditional "kachhi Ghani" method, preserving the natural goodness and pungency of mustard seeds. The oil is celebrated for its robust and pungent flavour, characteristic of high-quality mustard oil. It adds a unique and bold taste to your dishes, making it a preferred choice in Indian and regional cuisines.

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Brand Dhara
Features and Benifits "
  • Dhara kachhi ghani mustard oil is extracted through the cold-pressing method, preserving the natural goodness of mustard seeds. This traditional technique ensures the retention of flavor, aroma, and nutrients.
  • Known for its distinctive pungency, Dhara mustard oil adds a bold and robust flavor to your culinary creations. It is a staple in many Indian households, contributing to the authentic taste of regional dishes.
  • Mustard oil is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for heart health. Incorporating Dhara kachhi ghani mustard oil into your diet supports a balanced intake of healthy fats.
  • With a high smoking point, this mustard oil is well-suited for various cooking methods, including deep frying and high-temperature cooking. It maintains stability and nutritional benefits even under elevated heat.
  • Hara mustard oil is versatile and suitable for a variety of culinary applications. From sautéing and stir-frying to marinating and seasoning, it enhances the flavor of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
Country Of origin India
Ingredients Mustard Oil, Vitamin A, D, Antifoaming Agent (Dimethyl Polysiloxane)
Instructions "Step 1: It is ideal for frying, sauteing Indian dishes and as a dressing for salads and other dishes. Step 2:Can be used to make vegetables, chicken, egg and fish curries. Step 3:It can be used as a hair oil as well. Step 4:Can be used for making bhel. Use it to make pickles and chutney."
Nutritional Value Average Nutritional Value Per 100 Gram - Energy (kcal)-900 Kilocalories;Protein-0 Grams;Carbohydrate-0 Grams;Fat-100 Grams;Sodium-0 mg
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