Gowardhan Pure Cow Ghee Pouch 1L

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Gowardhan Premium Ghee offers the delightful flavour of 100% pure, healthy cow's milk and is fully processed using contemporary equipment. It has a great flavour and is highly desired by all of our consumers in the country. offers a variety of nutrients that are important. increases immunity and enhances body and brain functions. a butter that has been extensively clarified and is frequently used in Indian cooking. It is regarded as a source of nutrients and a healthy fat. It gives your diet some much-needed flavour and health. Ghee is an essential food for building strong bones because it is so nutrient-dense. In this fast-paced world when we must always be on the go and energetic, one spoon of ghee a day maintains you robust and fit. For improved digestion, ghee can be taken.

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Brand Gowardhan
Features and Benifits
  • Contains just pure cow milk
  • Has a rich, distinctive aroma and a great taste that gives dishes a tonne of flavour and richness
  • provides a healthy cooking medium.
  • a good source of vitamins and protein
Country Of origin India
Ingredients Milk fats
Instructions Toast, muffins, bagels, dosa, and hot rice will all be topped with ghee..
Nutritional Value Energy: 900 calories Protein: 0g Carbohydrate: 0g Fat: 100g
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