Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Whole Wheat Atta 5kg

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Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta, a premium and pure whole wheat flour that embodies the essence of tradition and nutrition. This atta is made from the finest quality wheat grains, ensuring that you and your family enjoy the wholesome goodness of nature in every bite. Aashirvaad whole wheat atta is a nutritious choice for your daily meals. The natural nutrients contribute to overall well-being and a balanced diet.

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Brand Aashirvaad
Features and Benifits "
  • Aashirvaad shudh chakki whole wheat atta is made from carefully selected premium quality wheat grains. The atta is sourced and processed to retain the natural nutrients and fiber present in whole wheat.
  • Whole wheat atta is naturally rich in dietary fiber, promoting digestive health and providing a feeling of fullness. Aashirvaad shudh chakki atta offers the nutritional benefits that come from the entirety of the wheat kernel.
  • Aashirvaad shudh chakki whole wheat atta is versatile and suitable for various culinary applications. It can be used to make chapatis, rotis, parathas, and a variety of other wholesome and nutritious dishes.
  • This atta is free from added preservatives and additives, ensuring that you and your family receive the pure and natural goodness of whole wheat without any compromise on quality.
  • Preserving the nutritional integrity of the wheat. This method ensures that the atta retains its natural taste, texture, and aroma.
Country Of origin India
Ingredients Wheat
Nutritional Value Average Nutritional Value Per 100 Gram - Energy (kcal)-369 Kilocalories;Protein-10.8 Grams;Fat-1.8 Grams;Carbohydrate-77.4 Grams;Sugar-5.6 Grams;Fibre-11.1 Grams
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