Tata Sampann High Dietary Poha 500 gm High in Fibre, Thick

Tata Sampann
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Poha, also called flattened/ beaten rice, is a much loved and eaten snack in India. With a dash of peanuts and curry leaves, it makes for a breakfast enjoyed by everyone. Tata Sampann thick poha can be used to make a healthy snack as it uses minimal oil while roasting and is high in fibre which is an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet. The thick poha packed with its wholesome goodness intact is also a natural source of protein which is an important building block for the body. Tata Sampann thick poha can be used to prepare great-tasting and nutritious breakfast for a delightful day. Poha can be enjoyed for breakfast, with evening tea, for a light dinner or to satisfy midnight cravings. Just open a pack and make your favourite recipe.

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Brand Tata Sampann
Features and Benifits
  • Tata Sampann High Dietary Poha is enriched with dietary fiber, promoting digestive health and providing a satisfying and wholesome breakfast experience.
  • Crafted from the finest quality paddy, Tata Sampann ensures that every grain of poha meets the highest standards of purity and nutrition.
  • Packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, this high dietary poha contributes to your daily nutritional requirements, supporting overall well-being.
  • Ideal for those mindful of their glycaemic index, Tata Sampann High Dietary Poha is a smart choice for maintaining steady energy levels throughout the morning.
  • Tata Sampann High Dietary Poha is incredibly versatile and can be prepared in various ways be it as a traditional breakfast dish or as an innovative ingredient in salads, snacks, or desserts.
  • Enjoy the convenience of quick and easy preparation, allowing you to have a nutritious meal ready in no time, whether you're a busy professional or a home chef.
Country Of origin India

White Poha Flakes


Step1. Wash and strain one cup of Tata Sampann poha and keep aside.
Step2. Heat 2 tbsp of oil and splutter 1/2 tsp mustard and 1/2 tsp cumin seeds.
Step3. Sauté with 1 split chilli and 1 small, chopped onion till it turns light pink in colour.
Step4. Add 1/4 tsp turmeric powder and salt as per the taste. 
Step5. Add poha, mix and cook well for five minutes. Serve.
Step6. Transfer content to an airtight container after opening. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not purchase if the pack is open or tampered with or punctured.

Nutritional Value

Average Nutritional Value Per 100 Gram - Energy (kcal)-361 Kilocalories;Protein-6 Grams;Carbohydrates-81.4 Grams;Sugar-0.5 Grams;Fat-1.3 Grams;Fiber-7.6 Grams

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