Hit Cockroach Odourless Killer Anti Roach Gel 20 gm, Box

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The Hit Cockroach Killer Anti Roach Gel is a highly effective solution for eradicating roaches in homes and workplaces. With its potent formula and precise applicator, this gel efficiently targets roaches at their source, ensuring thorough elimination. Its professional-grade composition is designed to combat even the toughest infestations, providing long-lasting protection and peace of mind. This product is a reliable choice for those seeking a swift and efficient solution to roach problems, offering a professional-level performance that surpasses expectations. Trust in the Hit Cockroach Killer Anti Roach Gel to combat roaches effectively and maintain a roach-free environment with professional-grade precision.

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Brand Hit
Ingredients Chemical composition ( % w/w)-fipronil tech.-0.055 (based on 90% min. approved purity, Monobutyl ether of diethylene glycol-0.500, Denatonium benzoate-0.005, Moisture content-17.000, Fructose- q.s. Total 100.
Instructions To use the dispenser pump, click once. With one click, only one dose of gel comes out. Apply one dose of gel each at 5-10 cm intervals along edges of shelves, cupboard door hinges, nooks and corners etc. The dose of gel will attract cockroaches towards it
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