Surf Excel Stain Eraser Detergent Bar 200 gm, Pouch

Surf Excel
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The Surf Excel Stain Eraser Detergent Bar is a remarkable product designed to tackle tough stains effectively and efficiently. With its advanced stain-removing formula, this detergent bar promises exceptional cleaning power, making it a top choice for those who value quality and performance in their laundry products. Ideal for both handwashing and machine washing, this detergent bar is a versatile solution to keep your clothes looking fresh and clean. Its professional-grade formula is gentle on fabrics while being tough on stains, ensuring that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage. When it comes to stain removal, the Surf Excel Stain Eraser Detergent Bar truly stands out as a reliable and effective choice for maintaining a pristine wardrobe.

More Information
Brand Surf Excel
Features and Benifits
  • You’re personal 'Stain Eraser’: Removes tough stains with ease.
  • Surf Excel Bar combines the cleaning benefits similar to that of vinegar, blue, bleach, and lemon.
  • Removes tough stains such as tea, coffee, turmeric, curry, ketchup and chocolate with just one product
  • Gentle on both your clothes and your hand
  • Makes your laundry easy
Instructions Apply directly on wet cloth, scrub & rinse
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