Mortein Mosquito Killer 250Ml

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Mortein Mosquito Killer helps to kill dengue spreading mosquitos instantly.

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Features and Benifits It gives protection from dengue mosquito in just 1 minute.
Ingredients D-Trans Allethrin (Based On 93% Purity)A.I. 0.250% W/W, Synergist: Piperonty Butoxide(Pbo): 0.500% W/W, Perfume Rs7836: 0.200% W/W, Deodorised Kerosene: 39.050% W/W, Propellent Gas (L.P.G): 60.000% W/W. Total 100.000% W/W
Instructions Recommended for control of adult mosquitoes and houseflies. Close the door and window before treatment. Press the depressor of the aerosol and spray. For an average room(1500cubic, feet) spray for 5-8 seconds (keep room, closed for 10-15 minutes). Open the door and window after 15 minutes of spray.
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