Oleev Health Oil 5L

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Oleev Health, your heart’s best friend, comprises of Oryzanol – that helps promote blood circulation and overall physical health. It lowers bad cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy & young. Oleev Health is loaded with Cardizymes which sincerely reduce the risk of heart diseases. It is a perfect blend of refined Rice Bran and Canola Oil, and works as a soldier against heart diseases. Fighting against the impurity of the heart and body, Oleev Health has Omega 3, 6 and 9 along with the goodness of MUFA, PUFA & ALA’s, which promote and support your Heart’s Good Health. The most demanded factor about Oleev Health is its Sci-Fry Technology, making it the perfect oil for frying.

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Brand Oleev
Features and Benifits
  • Packed with the Goodness of Lipids - Good Lipids or Fats play an essential role in maintaining the overall health of any individual. They help the body to function properly & to its best.
  • Promotes & Supports Heart Health - Enriched with Oryzanol, Omega 3,6 & 9 along with various Good Lipids (MUFA, PUFA & ALAs) – Oleev Health, the Healthiest Indian Cooking Oil, is here to take care of your Heart’s Health.


Country Of origin India
Ingredients Physically Refined Ricebran Oil(70%) by weight, Imported refined Rapeseed Oil, Low Erucic acid (Canola Oil) 30% by weight.
Instructions Deep Frying Roasting Grilling Let your everyday food turn healthier for your heart.
Nutritional Value Energy- 900kcal Protein- 0g Carbs- 0g Fats- 100g
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