Draft Chocolate Muesli Box 400gm

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The healthy solution to all your chocolate cravings! A wholesome healthy meal for chocolate lovers with all-natural sweeteners.

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Brand Draft
Country Of origin India
Ingredients Whole oats (20%); Brown rice flakes (15%); Ragi flakes (10%); Multigrain flakes (18%); Nuts & Fruits (10%);  Palm jaggery (5%); Belgian dark chocolate (20%); Rice bran oil, Soy lecithin, Antioxidants (2%)
Instructions Store away from direct heat or sunlight,not to consume if seal is open,shift the product into a dry air tight container, exposure to air may cause infestation and mushy, Advisable to consume the products within 25-30 days of opening
Nutritional Value Per 100g-Energy ( kcal)454,Protein (g) 12.1,Total Fat (g) 5.2, Saturated Fatty Acid (g) 0.68, Mono Saturated Fatty Accids (g) 0.28, Poly Saturated Fatty acids (g) 0.34, Transfat (g) 0.00, Cholsterol (g) 0.00, Total Carbohydrates(g) 76.5, Total Sugar (g) 9, Add Sugar (g) 4, Dietry Fiber (g) 6.5, Sodium (mg) 87, Iron (mg) 5.2. ** Aprx
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