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Spencer’s Smart Rewards is a program designed to reward all customers who enjoy shopping at Spencer’s.  Members of this program earn reward points every time they shop at Spencer’s. Spencer’s also launches exclusive promotions and benefits for program members from time to time. Such offers are communicated through SMS or email provided by the customer at the time registration.

Benefits of Spencer’s Smart Reward Program: 

  • Exclusive Offers for Members’ : Always at all stores

o   We have curated he best of our offers for our loyal customers only. These offers & discounts get applied directly on their bill at the time of billing once the customer shares her/ his mobile number with the cashier. 

o   Every time the customer shops for any of these products the discount is instant and there is no need to wait for any earning or burning, these are instant discounts


  • Special Coupons & Vouchers: Each month

o   Customized & Tailored offers based on customers preferences. These will be given each month and are over n above the curated offers in-store

o   The customized coupons will offer great value to customers as these will be on the preferred products that are a part of customers buying basket unique to each customer 

o   We have done tie-ups with various partners to server & delight our customers. From time to time we will offer movie tickets; tickets of various shows & events in the city, meal vouchers, discounts on flights & hotels and a host of other such benefits

  • Ease of Use: Fully digital 

o   The customers doesn’t need to carry any card or remember a complex code to avail these offers. We have linked all the benefits with the customers phone number and all that she/ he needs to do is to mention this number at the time of billing

  • Instant registration: No cumbersome form filling

o   For customers who are not yet a member and want to avail these benefits, they need to approach the cashier at the time of billing and within 30 seconds become a member to start enjoying all the benefits. They can alternatively give a missed call to 78480 66666, fill in a few details and become a member. 

Registration Process

Customers can become members instantly and the registration process takes hardly few seconds. Registration can be done in the following two ways :

  1. Online registration at Spencer’s store cash till 
  2. Self-registration by customers themselves

The self-registration process has four simple steps: 

  • Step 1: Give a missed call to 78480 66666
  • Step 2: You will get a message with a clickable link where you can fill your details like - Name, PIN Code, Phone No. & Email ID 
  • Step 3: Please fills and submits the online form 
  • Step 4: You are a registered member of Spencer’s Smart Rewards Program – Welcome!

After getting this message the customer can avail all offers in-stores by providing the registered phone number while billing at the cash till. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I register in the new program?

    • Give a missed call on 7848 066 666/ or ask the cashier to register you at the cash till
    • Provide a few details and become a member
    • We can ask one of our store staff to help in becoming a member

I don’t have a smart phone/ internet on my phone, how do I register in the new program?

    • You can get registered at the cash till by asking the cashier to make you a member

I am not carrying my phone/card. Will I still be able to get the benefits?

    • Yes. You need to tell us your phone number to start getting offers. No need to carry the phone/card
  • Points are no longer getting awarded. What do I get in lieu of these?
    • 300+ offers in the store exclusively for members
    • Customized coupons giving exclusive offers to the Smart Rewards Members
    •  Special privileges from our partner brands
  • Why am I not getting points for the purchases
    • Points are no longer being given for purchases. We are giving a lot more benefits in the new program
    • 300+ offers in the store
    • Customized coupons giving exclusive offers to the Smart Rewards Members
    •  Special privileges from our partner brands 

I was a member in the old program. Do I need to register again?

    • No. Existing members will get all the benefits of the new program

How do I know which offers are for Smart Rewards Members only

    • Please check out the special Smart Rewards Logo in the offer communication on shelves or ask our associate to help you identify the same

Is there any limit to the offers that I can avail in one day

    • There is no limit on number of offers that can be availed. All offers in stores which are identified as special offers for Smart Rewards can be availed. 

Is there any minimum shopping limit to avail these offers

    • No there is no min shopping limit

My phone number has changed. How do I get the offers?

    • Please call on 1800 2260 134 to update your details