Stayfree Secure Cottony Comfort Sanitary Pads With Wings XL 6 Pieces, Packet

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Stayfree Secure Cottony Comfort Sanitary Pads With Wings offer women a reliable and comfortable solution for their menstrual needs. With their absorbent cottony soft material and unique wings design, these sanitary pads provide a secure and leak-proof experience, allowing for freedom of movement and peace of mind during the menstrual cycle. The inclusion of wings ensures an extra layer of protection, preventing any leaks or stains. Stayfree's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in these pads, making them a trustworthy choice for women seeking comfort and security during their periods.

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Brand Stayfree
Instructions Remove release paper from back of pad, stick pad firmly onto the panty, remove release paper from wings, wrap them around both sides of panty and press firmly. Directions for disposal: wrap in paper and throw into dustbin, do not flush.
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